Player Development Tools ​

Unlock the power of Rapsodo with a Team Membership

A Rapsodo Team Membership unlocks the power of HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0 and gives you access to all the analytics and tools you’ll need to be a successful, data-driven coach. Perfect your approach to coaching and optimize the way you train your athletes with personalized and actionable player insights. ​

IMPORTANT: A Rapsodo Team Membership is required to activate Rapsodo hardware.


Accelerate your player development program and drive player performance with robust data and player analysis tools.

Product Discounts

Get significant cost savings on Rapsodo hardware products.

Robust Data Analysis

Access PDF Exports, Pitch Visualizations, Session Types, App Customization

Player Evaluation + Recruiting

Understand player baseline and areas of improvement with Certified Assessments.

Training + Support

Access to annual Rapsodo data training courses and a dedicated Account Manager.

Data Storage + Access

Unlimited coach accounts, player profiles, and storage for up to 10,000 videos.

Easy to Use App

Access hitting and pitching data in one place with the new Rapsodo Diamond app.

IMPORTANT: A Rapsodo Team Membership is required to activate Rapsodo hardware.


Take your player development program to the next level with Team Membership Add-ons. Pair your Rapsodo data with Driveline Baseball's world-class analytics or bring more competition to the batting cage with Rapsodo Game Mode.

Rapsodo Game Mode

Turn your batting cage into an interactive hitting competition. Combine Rapsodo pro-level data with fun, interactive games like Home Run Derby and Target Practice.

Driveline TRAQ S

Add on a Driveline TRAQ S package and get TRAQs, PULSE DASH, a Driveline PLUS account, and more.

Driveline TRAQ X

Benefit from all the features of the Driveline TRAQ X package, plus EDGE reports, custom inputs and datasets, Driveline priority support, and more.


A Rapsodo Team Membership will be required in order to access the Rapsodo Hitting app, Pitching 2.0 app, and Diamond app.

Current customers on our Basic Cloud Subscription will not be automatically rolled over to a Team Membership. Those customers will be able to upgrade directly from their cloud account, or by contacting our sales team at or (844) 772-7763 ext. 1. Current customers on our Advanced and Advisor Subscriptions will be automatically rolled over to the Team Membership on September 1, 2021. Current Advanced users will also be given a free trial period of the new Driveline Advanced add-on, which includes access to TRAQs. Current Advisor users will be given a free trial period of the new Driveline Advisor add-on, which includes access to TRAQx. The trial periods for the Driveline add-ons will last until the customer’s renewal date, at which point they will be charged for another year of the Team Membership and their specific add-on. 

Customers will be charged annually for their Rapsodo Team Membership and any add-ons that have been selected.  

If you do not upgrade to a Team Membership by the expiration date of your previous subscription, you will not be able to access your Cloud account until you enroll in a Team Membership.  

Log in to your Cloud account and click on the Profile tab. Under the section for “Current Account,” your expiration date can be found on the “Next Renewal Date” line.